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Yako at festival "Dialogue de Corps 2010", Burkina Faso

«Forgiveness is not a word, it is a movement ...» the Company Open performed it.

Through its Plateau Découverte, a young talents detection platform, the festival «Dialogue de corps» showed seven performances the 14th December. The Festival will remember the highly acclaimed performance of the Company Open, formed by Marius and Ahmed, a duo which have seduced the audience with their performance «Yako» or forgiveness in Dioula, a language spoken in several West African countries.
The duo composed of Marius Moguiba, originally from Ivory Coast and living in Mali as his country of adoption and Ahmed Soura from Burkina Faso, is a promising duo indeed. Together, these young dancers and choreographers have chosen to address a current topic: peace, forgiveness. Through subtle steps, flowing movements, sometimes with a rhythm, the two interpreters and
«After so many ills caused intentionally or unintentionally, you say: Yako! Who knows its capabilities in time of war? We are all unaware of our capacities.»
It is in a total chaos, if not a K.O that Marius Moguiba and Ahmed Soura invited the audience to travel in thoughts and body through feelings of fear, sadness and joy. They went out to meet the unknown and meet the other leaning on their common points which are: their articulation, their fifth sense and their stage intelligence.
With their different scenic experiences and techniques, they have made the choreography «Yako» or forgiveness a poetry that let strong emotions blossom! To dance forgiveness and peace in these troubled times when Ivory Coast, Marius′ own country, is at an impasse so that the uncertainty of the entire West African sub-region in view of this political crisis was a challenge that the two partners met successfully. «Yako» is a piece with a music soundtrack choreographed and performed by Marius Moguiba and Ahmed Soura. It was produced by the company Open sponsored by CDC la Termitière, the «Espaces Sagal Taba» (Burkina Faso) and «Le Centre Karim Togola de Bamako» (Mali).
Frédéric ILBOUDO

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